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Phoenix Restoration is a professional team of well trained restoration, damage control and clean up technicians, available in the event of a fire or flood emergency. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although our head office is based in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo the scope of our service spans nationwide. We work very closely with insurance companies, loss adjusters, businesses and private individuals, and strive to ensure the service we provide is second to none.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration is the process of recovering and restoring buildings and contents room by room that have been rendered unusable through fire and smoke damage.

This is done carefully and safely using the latest and most effective detoxification techniques and procedures available on the market. Our modern equipment, finest quality cleaning solutions and years of experience combine to provide peace of mind in the wake of the accident.

The aim of this restoration is to leave the area in a suitable condition for any other sub-contractors to complete their work.

Structural Cleaning

Structural cleaning involves the recovery and restoration of the building/rooms effected. This inculdes ceilings, walls, floors, fixtures and fittings.

No two jobs are identical, so we customise our approach, techniques, procedures and use of the equipment to suit each individual situation.

Our attitude, commitment and attention to detail are always the same however, and we treat your property or home as if it were our own.

Contents Cleaning

Contents cleaning includes furniture, soft furnishings and personal belongings.

We take the upmost care in restoring your furniture and belongings to a 'pre-accident' conditions where ever possible, and recognise the potential of sentimental as well as monetary value of each item.

Odour Control

As well as the initial dry clean, and then the wet clean, we are also able to deodorise and detoxify the area using thermal fogging - a fog-mist that is able to neutralise the spaces that the smoke malodour has penetrated. For airborne odour particles, the application of granular odour counteractants may also be utilised.


Once the cleaning and deoderising stages are complete, we will then go on to seal all hard services like ceilings, walls and floors with a special high quality primer seal specially imported from the US for this purpose.

This is a specialist process that will leave the premises in a safe, hygienic and odour free condition for other sub-contractors to complete their own tasks .

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is less coarse than sand blasting, whilst still a highly effective method for removing smoke and soot damage from brick, concrete, stone, wood and sheathing materials. Not only does the soda remove the visible damage but also works to neutralise the odour associated with fire, smoke and ash.

Further information

For further information on Phoenix Restoration or our sister company Casey Carpet Cleaning (CC Cleaning) do not hesitate to contact us on 1890 252 312 or you can visit the Casey Carpet Cleaning webpage by clicking on this link;-

We can provide emergency assistance, detailed estimates of cost, advice and information to help in the event of fire and flood, with the additional cleaning services of Casey Carpet Cleaning to support this.

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